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Misty Mountain Hues

Beginners acrylic painting tutorial

Supplies Needed

  • Acrylic Paint: Primary Yellow, Phthylo Blue, Titanium White, Dioxazine Purple, Black
  • Brushes: #12 Flat Brush, #8 Filbert, #6 Bright, #6 Flat Chizel, #1 Round, #6 Round (not shown in photo, filbert or any brush size of index finger)
  • Canvas: Jesse is using 16x20 (but you can paint on anything you have available at home)
  • Palette: Paper plate or freezer paper
  • Pencil
  • Container for holding water
  • Paper towels or an old rag
Watch our colour mixing video to mix primary colours to a rainbow of colours

Easel (Optional)Buy Easel Here: