Secret Pool

Subscribers Only Tutorial

SUGGESTED MATERIALS are provided below - but feel free to get creative and use whatever you have at home

CANVAS: In the tutorial I am using 12x16 Canson 140lbs Acrylic Paper
OR You can Also use
11x14 stretched Canvas
12X16 stretched Canvas

PAINT - GOLDEN OPEN recommended for paper LIQUITEX SOFT BODY recommended for canvas

Cadmium medium yellow
phthalo blue
Dark Permanent Green
Burnt Umber
Titanium White

#12 flat
#6 bright
#6 round
#1 round
#8 filbert
#6 flat
FAN BRUSH (3 Windsor & Newton University Series)

#12 blender
#6 blender brush

Painting sponge

- container with water
- Paper towels
- white chalk pencil
- hair dryer
- Apron (or clothes you don’t mind potentially getting messy in!

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