Blending Basics

Beginners acrylic painting tutorial
Ages 12+ Recommended

Part 1 of our 5 Part BLENDING CHALLENGE:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Full Bundle (66% OFF all)

🎨 BRUSHES: #1 Round, #6 Round, #6 Bright, #6 Flat, #8 Filbert, #12 Flat Mop Brush (1 is awesome, having 2 is even better!) #12 Blender Brush #6 Blender Brush 🎨 PAINT Recommended Paint Brands: Windsor Newton, Liquitex Basics or Golden Open Primary Red, Cadmium Orange, Phthalo Blue, Prism Violet or Dioxazine Purple, Medium Yellow, White Glazing Liquid 🎨 ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES - Painters Tape - Please have a pad of Mixed Media paper Acrylic Paper 140lbs+ OR Water colour paper 140lbs+ Feel free to use whatever you’d like for our technique exercises. However, I recommend having a book for practicing techniques in! We can keep all of our work in one place, it saves space, money, and for anyone wanting to learn how to blend specifically on paper it’s best to practice there.

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